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Feature request

Support for SDBExplorer - A Simple Database Explorer for Amazon's SimpleDB

Feature request

Postby AlexU » Dec 6th, '08, 21:34

Please consider following features for implementation

1 and 2 are MUST have, all others - would be nice, but can wait

1. Automatic field sizing

Right now all columns fixed width. All GUIDs and DateTime in ISO format do not fit, but for integer/boolean/enums have plenty of white space. Also resizing of the last column is tricky - only lets you resize for a little bit (on Windows)

2. Report box usage and estimated $$ for each query

Somewhere visible (add second status bar if you must) report box usage and cost per 1,000,000 queries for the last executed query.

3. If I have text selected in the query edit box - "Run Query" must execute only selected text, not the whole text

4. Favorites

I do have some "favorite" queries that I run pretty often - some bookmarking mechanism would help.

Thank you for the great product!


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