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Unable to add long value string attribute

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Unable to add long value string attribute

Postby Bob Watkins » Feb 15th, '10, 07:22


I am new to SDBExplorer and am trying to add value for particular attribute, but it giving me error message like "Exception caught during put attribute operation. client error ".
Is it a bug or there is any specific character limit for attribute values. if so then what it be and what can i do with long value string for attribute value ?


Bob Watkins

Re: Unable to add long value string attribute

Postby Aayushi » Feb 15th, '10, 14:21


Amazon simple DB provides the functionality to add multiple value for each attribute and SDBExplorer supporting this feature.
If your attribute value string is too large, means the limit of characters which you have entered for an attribute value exceeds the max limit which is 1020 characters for each attribute value.
So you can store your value in chunk of 1020 characters in multiple attributes with the same name but you can not create more than 256 attributes for a item.

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