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Export Database

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Export Database

Postby Polox » Feb 18th, '10, 15:01

I have my database on Amazon SimpleDB Server.
Now I want to export those database in xml format.
Does SDB Explorer provide any option to export database files in xml format.
If it can do this for me.
It will be very helpful.
Thank in advance..

Re: Export Database

Postby Neelam Sharma » Feb 18th, '10, 15:10

Yes, using SDB Explorer you can export your database from SimpleDB Server to local in XML format. Using this option you can export all contents of domain in single Xml or more then one xml.
Example: Suppose you have 100 items in your domain and Export them using 30 items per XML then it creates 4 XMLs from which initial 3 XMLs contain 30 items each and 4th XML contains 10 remaining items.
For more about how you export domian please follow this link- ... omain.html
Neelam Sharma
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