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Extra Column in Item Row

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Extra Column in Item Row

Postby laura Cameroon » Mar 31st, '10, 05:47


I am new user to SDBExplorer. Whenever i add an item row to my SDBExplorer Domain, it will create an extra row as Item Identifier, although I have Item name is there any option that will make me get rid of that extra column to my domain?


laura Cameroon

Re: Extra Column in Item Row

Postby udit » Mar 31st, '10, 14:22

Yes! SdbExplorer facilitates you to configure Sort By Item-Name option, this option help you to provide an extra sorting element as "Item identifier", this will help you to get rid of this additional column while adding item row.
Follow these steps to configure the option Sort By Item-Name for a domain :
1. Run SDB Explorer as usual.
2. Open Tools menu from main menu to choose Advance option.
3. The “Configure Sort by Item Name” menu will appear.
4. After selecting sub menu the panel will be opened with title Enable/Disable Feature “Sort by Item Name”.
5. List of Domains having check box with each domain name that has been selected by-default will be displayed over panel.
6. Uncheck the check box in order to do not add Item identifier column to newly added item row for corresponding domain.
7. Click on Ok.



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