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Report of export domain via SDBCommander

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Report of export domain via SDBCommander

Postby Brad Stowe » Apr 7th, '10, 05:53


I am using SDBExplorer , where I have a domain with bulk of data(Item), so keep the record of my items. I use to Export them using SDBCommander.That is working fine, but can I have some report or notification,that confirm me that the export has been done successfully.Either SDBExplorer sends a report via email ?

Thanks -

Brad Stowe

Re: Report of export domain via SDBCommander

Postby Udit » Apr 7th, '10, 15:00


Ok, Thanks for using SDBExplorer and sharing your need to improve the application/Product.That is really good idea, But for currently available versions of SDBexplorer, we are not providing this feature.



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