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Support for SDBExplorer - A Simple Database Explorer for Amazon's SimpleDB


Postby Lionyl Hicks » Apr 21st, '10, 05:52


I am using SDB Explorer and I have been exporting my domain using SDB Commander. But as I can configure the number of items to be exported in an XML file while using SDBExplorer, can i also configure it for SDB Commander ?


Lionyl hicks
Lionyl Hicks

Re: SDBCommander

Postby Dushyant Masta » Apr 29th, '10, 08:27


No , you can not configure the items from a domain to be exported using SDB Commander as there is no such command available to do so. But you can edit the exportconfig.xml file manually to configure such thing. and then run the SDB Commander to export domain.

For eg. . you can edit the following xml file accordingly

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Region>US-West (Northern California)</Region>

Dushyant Masta
Dushyant Masta

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